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June, 2010

For my NYC friends…Here are some shows you could check out tonight: #wishiwereinnyc

RT @MariDavis: Chambre Syndicale Release Haute Couture Fall 2010 Runway Schedule (

Valid question, and I don’t think anyone knows for sure.  I think it’s a really interesting idea to look at though- what makes a journalist a professional?  Can a blogger be a journalist in the traditional sense of the word? …  Read More

She Hit Pause Studios

Just stumbled across this photography studio that produces really cool, retro-looking polaroid transfer prints.  Great subject matter, love the vintage look of the pictures, and love the price-point.  Also featured on Gilt Groupe today in framed versions.

style icon of eternity: alexa chung

style icon of eternity: alexa chung seriously, who doesn’t want to be her? at least once?

Another canvas bag?  Well…kind of. One of my best friends from growing up is a design genius who has started this new line of canvas bags with her sister called One Language.  The duo has been trained by the likes …  Read More

Sleigh Bells “Ring Ring” (Thanks Tick Tick Bang)

Sleigh Bells “Ring Ring” (Thanks Tick Tick Bang)