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September, 2010

OMD is the new OMG

(Oh mon dieu) I can’t go to sleep without blogging about this crazy coincidental fate-like run-in I had today with some pretty famous twins.  After a terrible day of apartment hunting, downing two glasses of wine and a cheese plate …  Read More

Paris! La ville de la lumière et beaucoup d’autres choses…

I made it to Paris!! The flight was less than stellar…cramped in a corner seat, the row in front of the bathroom, no window in my row, no screens in the seats, and then, the audio was all messed up …  Read More

‘what is it about 20-somethings?’ via NYTimes Magazine

‘what is it about 20-somethings?’ via NYTimes Magazine

elle and em trunkshow 2010

elle and em trunkshow 2010

  the elle & em trunk show was a success! after a few weeks of planning and some supportive friends and family, i finally pulled off my first trunk show.  the wooden house was nice enough to host me, and …  Read More

Been meaning to share this- Pretty fascinating article from @nytimes magazine “What Is It About 20-Somethings?”

Hanging out @thewoodenhouse with the @elleandem trunk show! Come see us, get some wine and cupcakes, we’re here till 6 ish

All the makings for a stellar trunk show! @elleandem..9/18 2-5ish @thewoodenhouse