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October, 2010

After a weekend in Normandy, I am convinced that Deauville is the Hamptons of France.  Incredibly beautiful, relaxing, posh, a sweet escape from the hustle of Paris.  Just two short hours north of the city, Deauville is an hold, historic …  Read More

La grève…Vive la France?

So, you might have heard that France is striking, protesting, rioting, etc…it’s true.  It’s everywhere.  I haven’t had issues with transportation, personally, but my roommates got stuck on the metro for three hours trying to get to Ikea.  I have …  Read More

Paris by Cafe: Cafe Charlot

So, who fits the bill?  For starters:  Cafe Charlot Why?… You can sit inside in a comfy chair, order one espresso, and stay as long as you’d like.  The crowd is beyond interesting, the servers friendly (and helpful), the atmosphere …  Read More

Paris by Cafe

The requirements for a an ideal Parisian café will vary depending on who you’re talking to…when you’re talking to me, however, these are my top must-haves for any café to be blog-worthy, or return-worthy: 1. Option to sit indoors or …  Read More

happy weekend everybody! i explored quite a bi this weekend…walked around through one of my favorite pars of paris, le marais, down through the latin quarter and saint germain to montparnasse…what a treat to be enjoying the sunny weather.  Friday …  Read More

update central

Blogging is harrrddd to keep up with! Especially when my days include verrryyy little internet/computer time! I leave whatever temporary place im staying in the morning and dont come back usually until after dinner… but, enough of that.  the last …  Read More