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June, 2011

Summertime Salad: Raw Broccoli

There are two things people hope to do when it hits summertime…tighten up the tummy, and cool off.  I have this great recipe for a raw broccoli salad that will definitely help you achieve both goals.  It consists of nothing …  Read More

Merce & the Muse

Paris café culture is in a revolution.  Everyone knows this city for its corner cafés with generic menus and blah coffee.  But, luckily, a crop of anglo-cafés are popping up all over the place.  If you love all that is …  Read More

La Poursuite de l’Essentiel: Mme Grès

Mme. Grès, born Germaine Emilie Krebs, was one of the pioneers of the art of couture, the patron saint of pleating and draping.  Her label, which originally beared the name ‘Alix,” transformed through the years to eventually be called Mme. Grès- …  Read More

Musique Mardi

I first heard Mr. Little Jeans on XM Radio while I was in Texas, of all places.  But, now that Pretty Much Amazing has her listed as their top MP3 for her Arcade Fire Cover of “The Suburbs” my musical …  Read More

Love, Envy, and Sunglasses

How gorgeous is this video for Oliver Peoples featuring folk angel Devendra Banhart and his stunning gf Rebecca Schwartz? I promise watching it will make your day happy, or maybe sad, actually, because the envy you’re about to feel is …  Read More