un petit peu

Lindsay McCallum

In 2010, I packed up my bags and moved to Paris after finishing my degree in PR at the University of Texas at Austin.  I continue to fall in love with la vie parisienne every day.  Today, as a freelance journalist, I use this blog to write about my adventures living abroad, up-and-coming innovators and iconic creators in Paris, new restaurant and store openings, fashion and culinary trends, and my daily inspirations.   Living in Paris is the ultimate when it comes to combining my passions for food, fashion, and travel.

Everywhere I go, from the front rows of fashion shows to tables around the world, I use this blog (and my instagram!) to document my experiences and share my tips for living in style with you.

I am currently the editor in chief of the Paris edition of LUXOS magazine, a luxury travel & lifestyle magazine available in the city’s palaces & prestige hotels, and a Paris Expert for Forbes Travel Guide. Previously, I wrote for the fashion & culture site Lookbooks, was the Paris Editor for Fashion Windows, and created travel guides with Stylesight’s culture & travel division.

Visiting Paris? Feel free to contact me below with travel questions or for a personalized Paris travel itinerary.