After a weekend in Normandy, I am convinced that Deauville is the Hamptons of France.  Incredibly beautiful, relaxing, posh, a sweet escape from the hustle of Paris.  Just two short hours north of the city, Deauville is an hold, historic town in the Calvados region of Normandy- famous for its Calvados alcoholic beverage and casinos.  (I won a whopping 10 euros!) 

At night, we went to clubs similar to those in the Hamptons (Lily Pond, etc.) but more French…aka, the music was French techno.  Everyone was dressed to the nines.  During the day, no one wakes up before noon and brunch takes up the afternoon- well at least until the next café and crêpe stop… perfect vacation :) The beach is just a short walk from where we stayed and with amazing weather like we had on Sunday, there is no better thing than to throw around a football with some friends while the waves crash and the sun sets.  Sounds poetic, but it really was picture perfect.  

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