Attention Paris ‘Mexican’ restaurants: You should probably hang up the white flag now.  If you think you’ve been making ‘Mexican’ food, let me share some news with you…raspberry sauce has NO place on quesadillas.  Do you even know what quesadillas are?  They are not tacos.  If you want to see how a real taco is made, you should talk to the people over at Candelaria.  They know what’s up.

First, its a tiny little restaurant with a counter where you can watch the chefs in action and a communal table where everyone is digging into the delicious eats.  (Save for the French people who still cut their crunchy tacos with a fork and knife).  The menu is written on a chalk board and is changed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily depending on what special treats the chef wants to make that day! YUM.

For lunchtime, you can’t lose with the Formule- three tacos or three tostadas plus a fizzy bev for only 9.50 euros…that’s a hell of a deal, if you ask me.  The corn tortillas and drizzle of crème fraîche made the food so authentic tasting.  The carnitas were tender, the black beans heavenly, we had rajas and hot sauce and life was good.  Plus, they’ve got a jazzy peanut sauce to top off the tacos with, and its pretty kickin too.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that this taqueria knows whats up, then let me tell you this- they have a black bean chili brownie for desert.  Yes, it’s delicious.

I haven’t been yet, but in the back they apparently have a secret cocktail den.  Anything involving secrets, cocktails, and dens (candle light, hellooo) I’m an instant fan.  More news to come once I’ve checked that out.