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happy weekend everybody! i explored quite a bi this weekend…walked around through one of my favorite pars of paris, le marais, down through the latin quarter and saint germain to montparnasse…what a treat to be enjoying the sunny weather.  Friday …  Read More

elle and em trunkshow 2010

elle and em trunkshow 2010

  the elle & em trunk show was a success! after a few weeks of planning and some supportive friends and family, i finally pulled off my first trunk show.  the wooden house was nice enough to host me, and …  Read More

Valid question, and I don’t think anyone knows for sure.  I think it’s a really interesting idea to look at though- what makes a journalist a professional?  Can a blogger be a journalist in the traditional sense of the word? …  Read More

Another canvas bag?  Well…kind of. One of my best friends from growing up is a design genius who has started this new line of canvas bags with her sister called One Language.  The duo has been trained by the likes …  Read More

The only thing on my mind is Paris! How is a girl supposed to concentrate on anything when she is moving to a foreign country, to the city of lights, in 4 months??  Update: fashion week starts the day after …  Read More