It’s always good to get out of the city you live in and hit the road.  Explore a new city, explore a new culture, and of course, the best way to do this is by eating their food.  So, while Paris is home to some of the best food in the world, this weekend I delved into the cuisine of Provence.  On a road trip from Paris to Aix en Provence, to a small winery town, to the Côte d’Azure, I saw it all and ate it all.

Aix en Provence:

Nestled between the start of the PreAlps in Southern France is the cutest Provençal town.  Windy, cobblestone streets, dripping with history and a rocking night life, you can’t help but fall in love with Aix.

The main thorough faire in Aix is called Cours Mirabeau and there are a dozen cute bis

tros and lounges to check out.  But, hidden just behind this street is a restaurant that tops them all.  Antoine Côté Cour.  The restaurant has a beautiful wooden deck outside that would be ideal for sipping rosé wine in the summertime, and inside, the floor-to-ceiling windows give the restaurant an open feel.  On all of the walls are funky photographs by artist Philippe Shangti and the black and oatmeal, contemporary decorating sets the mood for the creative meal to come.

The food was really delicious, and out of the ordinary.  The amuse bouche came in a sardine can that when opened, wafted a heavenly cloud of truffle aroma and held an artichoke foam and poached egg.  The dishes got better and better, and I found myself trying things I never expected I’d order…and liking them.

Côte d’Azur:

Onto Saint Tropez, home to the most glamourous beaches in France.  With miles upon miles of white sandy beaches, there is no shortage of entertainment in or out of the water.  All along the sea are the most luxe beach clubs (I mean seriously, you’ve never seen women dressed so chic at the beach before).  Plus, each beach club serves up the freshest fish you’ve ever tasted.  Daily catches like Sea Bass are common, as are the never-ending bottles of Rosé wine.  It doesn’t get more heavenly.

1. La Plage des Jumeaux (Twins Beach)

2. Les Salins

3. Le Club 55