It was the third day of Haute Couture, meaning it was almost the end of the week and I was feeling it.  But, Elie Saab is a show I can always look forward to because I know it will be enchanting, romantic, everything a girl thinks of when she imagines Haute Couture.  Nestled into the theater-like space near Paris’ Trocadero, we all were ready to see what the designer would have in store for us this time around.

The lights dimmed, and a harpsichord began playing, how perfect.  As the first model emerged into sight, encrusted in the most gorgeous crystal, pale blue colored gown, I’ve got to admit- there were goosebumps.  The music picked up, in fact, I wanted to know who was playing so I could download it later…and the collection continued to unfold in front of me.  41 looks later, I was still wanting to see more.

The color palette was a relaxing, ethereal range of nudes, dusty blues and pinks, chocolate bronze, and midnight blue.  There were cap sleeves, no sleeves, one sleeve, and long sleeves.  Beading, crystals, rosettes of tulle, draped backs,plunging fronts, high slits, cascading trains, everything beautiful and feminine.  It seemed as if each dress was floating on the model.  The details were stunning- especially the hair.  Wistfully swept back into a loose chignon with a deep, waved side part. Classic.

I decided during this show that one day I would have an event worthy of an Elie Saab dress.  I told this to my boyfriend, who replied in telling me, “I’ll buy you the Elie Saab perfume instead.”