happy weekend everybody! i explored quite a bi this weekend…walked around through one of my favorite pars of paris, le marais, down through the latin quarter and saint germain to montparnasse…what a treat to be enjoying the sunny weather.  Friday I finalllyyyy moved into my apartment!!! its so great…ill post more pictures soon.  and then on saturday i had a picnic with some new friends at parc monceau, today i took advantage of the sales at the big paris department stores that happen only twice a year :)  

last night i went to a tapas/mexican place for dinner with some new friends who are also teaching assistants here….the name of the restaurant was misleading, there were no tapas on the menu…and further, their ‘quesadilla’ was more like a taco, and it had raspberry sauce on top.  im not complaining though, because it was freaking delicious.  well done la perla.  great spot to watch people and enjoy le marais too.  oh- and their margaritas and tortilla chips were definitely enough to satisfy my lack of tex mex lately! 

after dinner we went out to some bars in the latin quarter…here in paris you can stop and buy a beer at the convenience store and walk around with it…well i dont know if this is legal, but everyone does it, so when in rome.  

i think im going to try to do some photography series while im here…doors has been the easiest and most obvious one to start with.  then maybe church windows, bikes, people, who knows…thoughts?