So, you might have heard that France is striking, protesting, rioting, etc…it’s true.  It’s everywhere.  I haven’t had issues with transportation, personally, but my roommates got stuck on the metro for three hours trying to get to Ikea.  I have had to wait longer than I am used to for trains, but at least I haven’t been delayed because there are union workers laying across the tracks in protest.  

All around the metro stations and major train stations are guards with AK 47s and bullet proof shields.  So welcoming.  

Yesterday at my school, Lycée Paul Lapie in Courbevoie, some students from a nearby town decided to start a riot in front of Lapie that resulted in dumpsters knocked over, dozens of police officers fighting youths, and a whole lot of chaos.  It also resulted in me getting a firecracker thrown in my face and having my ears ring for the duration of the day…thanks punk.

I think it’s kind of sad to see France in this state.  My boss confided in me today that he was depressed by all of the strikes and the violence happening because of pension reform that most demonstrators won’t even be affected by.  He is embarrassed for France and thinks his country has become the laughing stalk of the world.  He also thinks that the protestors look like spoiled brats…very interesting.  I kind of agree.  I mean, France already has the lowest retirement age in Europe, and they’re raising it by just two years.  I also think this is another excuse for French people to skip work and school…Example A: