Made in Paris: Sept Cinq

I fell in love with this boutique in the 9th arrondissement a couple of weeks ago. Named after the city code for Paris (75), Sept Cinq is a shop dedicated 100% to emerging designers in Paris. Having worked a bit in this area myself for PODIUM Jeunes Stylistes, I have a soft spot for all things up-and-coming & Paris-made.

I must have passed by this shop a hundred times on the Bus 74 as I head home from work, but thanks to this lovely weather, I actually walked home one day and couldn’t resist their cute window displays and amazing tiled floors. I love their dainty gold jewelry, their amazing leather bags, and their quaint tea time area located in the back of the shop. The staff is super friendly, and they just finished their first pop-up shop in Saint Tropez- bummer I missed that one!

Definitely check out this shop for some unique accessories and things to remember Paris by for those of you who are visiting. If you know of any cool Parisian designers who should be sold there, they’re always taking new inquiries! I, for one, would love to see my dear friend Louise de Testa and her amazing handmade sweatshirts in there, and Kasia Dietz’s hand painted bags would be perfect.




Check them out on facebook for their latest sales, special contests and new designers!