Paris café culture is in a revolution.  Everyone knows this city for its corner cafés with generic menus and blah coffee.  But, luckily, a crop of anglo-cafés are popping up all over the place.  If you love all that is good about the American café, where you can drink small-brew coffee, eat fresh food, and chill out all day (while using WiFi), Merce & the Muse is your place.

Tucked the the Marais, near neighbors Max y Jeremy and Candelaria, Merce & the Muse opened in 2010 and serves up roasts like Paris’ own Coutume, set on redefining what is Parisian coffee.  The café is packed with the kinds of people you want to hang out around, artists, writers, cool kids on the block.  Owner and DC/NYC transplant, Mercy Muse, started out making cupcakes here in Paris, but branched out to create her own business.  Everything at Merce & the Muse is made in-house.  Whatever is fresh at the market, whatever kitchen chef Chris Fireoved wants to whip up that morning, is what you are going to delve into later in the day.

What’s on the menu today?  Some delicious scone cookies, a quinoa salad with mint, feta, and cranberries, thin crust margherita pizza with a balsamic glaze, and market fresh garlic green beans.  Sounds good, right?  

And, if you’re here on a day when Chris is working, he might even serenade you with a little guitar action.  In true downtown style, Merce & the Muse is a café unlike others in Paris.