So, who fits the bill?  For starters:  Cafe Charlot


You can sit inside in a comfy chair, order one espresso, and stay as long as you’d like.  The crowd is beyond interesting, the servers friendly (and helpful), the atmosphere bustling but calming, and the menu extensive enough to satisfy.  The coffee is good, happy hour exists, beer on tap, food is a bit pricey…The place is on a corner, so you get a good view of all the passersby.  Clean bathroom…major bonus.  Wifi exists, is free, and works.  Check, check, and check.  Great place to read a book, catch up with friends, crank out some work that is past-due, people watch, relax…enjoy Paris.  Side note: There is a credit card minimum of 10 euro, but theyll run it and give you the difference in cash :) always nice! 

Review from Vingt Paris Magazine

At Charlot, the hipster to  mere mortal quotient is such that I thought perhaps I’d be handed a slim leather jacket at the door, have my hair tousled by the waitress, and told “Blend, Chérie, blend.”

Aside from the impossibly attractive patrons, the place is genuinely cozy and appealing and offers basic, but solidly decent food, particularly the hamburgers.

And most importantly, in a city whose restaurants tend to keep somewhat, shall we say, ‘arbitrary’ hours, Café Charlot is open ALL THE TIME.  From 7am to 2am daily. The kitchen even serves dinner until midnight.

Check out the new galleries, innovative design and clothing shops, and then head over to  Café Charlot. Pick one of the low tables with the comfy armchairs, bring a book, doesn’t matter which one, you won’t be reading it, like Karl over his fan, you’ll be surreptitiously peering over it, to check out one of the best impromptu fashion shows in town. Trés cool, trust me.

Café Charlot
38 rue de Bretagne
75003 Paris