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Marc Zaffuto and Emmanuel d’Orazio, the Club Sandwich boys, are the darlings of the Parisian party world.  With their soirées reaching iconic proportions at the drop of a name, and their themes extravagent to say the least, these two have made their life and their living by throwing parties around the world. I sat down with them to hear just what it’s like inside the Club Sandwich world, and got a sneak peek of what’s next for this party duo extraordinaire.


How did Club Sandwich come to be?

We created CS in May 2005 , so we’re now in  the 7th anniversary of our adventure… So many outrageous parties , so many stories ,so many amazing people we have met! Time goes so fast ….. :)

Over the last 7 years we have hosted CS once a month in Paris ! It’s crazy ! The ” Casanova”, “Bal Noir”, “church of Sandwichology” , …..so many amazing costumed balls …. Now we’re at the perfect point to re-invent ourselves !

We have decided to change the rythm from here on, so we plan to only  do CS for very special occasions. But  also, the main reason we’ve decided to change our rythm is  that we are working now on the opening of our own place to open this Fall 2012 in Paris . Finally ! Club sandwich Family will have is own Restaurant, bar & club. Stay tuned! November 2012!


How has Paris nightlife evolved over the last decade?

Step back in time…When we have started CS, the night life was a bit dead in Paris. Nothing really interesting had come along since 90’s House music with the club kids . Before that its was the  great 70’s & 80’s Disco cocaine years ( Studio 54 , le Palace, … ) and then nothing else exciting or new !

Club Sandwich was a kind of a new-revolution for the Paris Fashion nightlife after all those sleepy years. Nobody was dressing up anymore to go out. Since 2005 , month after month people watched our friends dress up, create costumes, boys wearing high heels , masks & glitter. We brought glamour and fun back to the dance floor. Club Sandwich gave everyone the energy to express themselves and be the creatures they wanted to be at night.

Now in Paris you can find a lot of parties created on the same concept . Good parties ! Same magic ?


Do you see the entertainment/party industry as one that goes untouched by the state of the economy? Are there more or less people going out to play nowadays as there were in the past?

We have the feeling that when the economy is bad, the clubs are full! People need to forget about the state of economy, forget about all the day problems at work. Partying on week end is like going on holiday for a few hours and it usually  costs less than traveling!


Which city rivals the party scene in Paris? Where are your other favorite places to party than Paris?

Paris has is own way to party. We really feel this is the chicest place on earth to party. How beautiful it is after a great party, to be driven by car along ‘la Seine ‘ at 5/6am when the sun comes up & Paris is still sleeping.

We like to party at our friend’s Ladyfag parties in NYC . She is really part of the CS Family . So many great moments with her.


Do you see CS growing globally in the future? Will there be a CS presence in New York? Berlin? Anywhere else?

We will always  be very happy to host some “sublime “parties all around the world and bring some Paris realness to other party scenes. But, it will  always  depend on the project. We really want to keep CS only for really interesting projects. We never wanted to become an industry! But we are of course  open to creative collaborations!

Our last collaboration with Prada & Francesco Vezzoli  during the last couture week in Paris, and that is exactly the kind of project we love to work on. This party was sensationnal, with Kate Moss Djing along  with Club Sandwich DJ Florian Sailer at Palais d’Iena transformed into a 24hours Museum. Champagne until the very end.

This summer we will be in Saint Tropez for some after beach , diners & late nights at  Hotel Ermitage.


What’s one of the most memorable CS moments of all time?

So many great moments.  For instance, when Grace Jones got up there behind the DJ booth to sing Happy Birthday, or when Lady Gaga,  Beth Dito or Kylie Minogue bump into the party .

The Masquerade Ball we hosted at the Opera Garnier was unforgetable; our 1st party in NYC at The Norwood House in Chelsea mixing guests like Alexander Wang , Richard Chai , Joseph Altuzara, Jason Wu , and the day after NYtimes blog printing a photo of the line outside our party!

Once, in Paris, Demi Moore was invited by Marc Jacobs to one of our parties, and she talked and managed with the Police at the entrance of our club because we did not have (at that time) certain dancing autorizations! And she did it well! Thank you again Demi!

So many stories in 7 years …. One last one: The night our lovely clients were holding, arms up ,the ceiling at Neo Club ( 1st club we host CS in 2005 )  All nightlong …because it was falling/crashing on the dance floor and on people! Without them we would have had to close the club that night and that is just never an option!



Tell me about your latest project in the Paris party scene?

Our latest project is our Friday weekly Bar rendez vous named ” EXOTIC MONROE ” .

It take place at the gorgeous Hotel particulier of Monsieur Marcel Dassault on Rond Point des Champs Elysées, at the corner of Avenue Montaigne. We love this new party, much more intimate, very chic but still outrageous. We are closer to our friends & guests and we can drink & dance in the Winter Garden, smoke ( Paris !!!! ) & talk in the courtyard protected by the magnificiant doors .

Haider Ackerman , Giambattista Valli & Kris van Assche each have their tables :)

Each Friday, Emmanuel & I get made up as Monroe and host the party as our way to pay tribute to the star of stars!


Also coming up for Paris Men’s fashion week:

CLUB SANDWICH will host a special party at this amazing restaurant named LA VILLA

With an outside Terrace, a Sublime Disco High ceilling room and  an underground Dark club.

SATURDAY JUNE 30TH from midninght until very late




Photos 3, 7 © Quentin saunier

Photos 4,  6, 8, 11 © Mathieu Baumer

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