Paris: PODIUM Jeunes Stylistes


Finding budding talent is exciting. Being a part of helping this budding talent succeed to the next level is even more exciting. The team at PODIUM Jeunes Stylistes has been doing it now for three years- scoping out some of Europe’s best (undiscovered) fashion designers, and giving them a theme, a fabric, 100 days, and a kick in the butt to create three looks for a big time fashion show judged by fashion industry elite.

This year’s competition, held again at the Paris Westin-Vendôme (Imperial Salon), is going to be the biggest production yet.  With team experience culminating from places such as US Vogue, Dior, Chanel and Balenciaga, and some of the most prestigious business & fashion schooling in the world, these ‘youngsters’ know what they’re doing.  Expecting nearly 400 guests this Wednesday (Feb 8th), the 15 competing designers aren’t holding back either.  Not only are they creating two Haute Couture looks, all hand sewn and uniquely crafted, but they were each required to create a third look this year- Three looks for PODIUM’s Third birthday.  The third piece will become a part of the first ever PJS Prêt-à-Porter collection, to be shown at Messe Frankfurt Apparelsourcing in Paris.

After the show, the jury of 8 members along with the ‘parrain’ or the sponsor of the evening, will deliberate, review the collections and designate one designer “The Best Young Designer of the Year.”  This year’s sponsor is Haute Couture grand master, Christophe Josse, and the jury is made up of people ranging from fashion journalists, executives from some of the largest fashion corporations in the world, and many other Parisian fashion icons.  The winner will also be enrolled in a new co-sponsored master’s program in fashion & business at ESCP Europe, called Paris Factory Mode & Design, will be able to exhibit their three pieces at Messe Frankfurt and Who’s Next, as well as have their looks displayed throughout Paris.

Stay tuned to find out who the winner will be this year- and if you can’t be in Paris for the show, lucky you, because this year there will be a livestream! Bookmark this link so you can check back in and watch the show at 8:30pm Paris time, 2:30pm NYC time.





Video: Podium Jeunes Stylistes 2nd Edition, 2011