Paris: The Artisans behind the finest French candles

Paris is known for its perfumes, its fashion, its artists and writers, but another one of the finest products to come from the French capital are hand-made candles.  Some of the first candle makers in the world originiated in Paris, making candles in the 17th century for King Louis XIV, while others have more modern origins, from the 1960s to today.  Made from the finest pure ingredients from around the world, French candles have brought luxury and craftsmanship back into the art of the candle.

Three of our must-have candles from Paris are made by Cire Trudon, Diptyque and Astier de Villatte. Each of these has its own unique philosophy but one common wick- bringing specialty scents to candle lovers everywhere.

Let’s start in the time of King Louis XIV, the most extravagant king to rule over France, and the man responsible for the grand Versailles Palace. Another thing we can thank this king for is his support of the candle maker Cire Trudon.  After starting his humble wax shop in 17th century Paris, Monsieur Trudon was discovered by the royal court, and invited to make candles for Versailles.  The candles he made were so wonderful, that the King commissioned him to be the official wax maker for all of the cathedrals, palaces, and royalty of France. Still today, in their original shop on the left bank of Paris, you can find candles that smell like the interior of a weathered cathedral, or the scent that once filled the air at the elaborate dinner parties held in the time of the Sun King.  Their elaborate gold labels and beautifully colored and scented waxes are a work of art.

The next candle maker to brand its mark into the list of must-have candles from Paris happened a couple of centuries after Cire Trudon.  Diptyque, one of the most well-known scent makers across the luxury world today, opened its doors in 1961 at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain.  With candles ranging from miniature, travel candles, to huge, exterior candles, everything made by the craftsmen at Diptyque is done with precision and care. From hand fired ceramic ramekins to delicately poured scented waxes, the Diptyque brand stands for quality.  Their enchanting scents, like Baies, have become the favorites of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Not to mention that their perfumes are to die for as well.

Then we come to my personal favorite, Astier de Villatte. Perhaps better known for their porcelain tableware, the design duo behind Astier de Villate got its start in the 1990, when the two men met at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris.  Their hand-made plates, bowls, and cups instantly made the glossies and the rest is history.  From there, the two artists decided to branch out into creating scented candles, and they couldn’t have made a better decision.  Their long-lasting, permeating scents like, Namche Bazaar, Hong Kong, and Alcazar are named after various locals around the world. Posed next to a beautiful bouquet of peonies on an entry table, an Astier de Villatte candle is the ultimate luxury.

Cire Trudon | 78 Rue de Seine | 75006 Paris |+33 01 43 26 46

Diptyque | 34 Boulevard Saint Germain | 75005 Paris | +33 01 43 26 77 44

Astier de Villatte | 173 Rue St Honoré | 75001 Paris | +33 01 42 60 74 13


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