Six Senses Spa Paris

HAPPY FRIDAY! Today I spent the morning indulging in an ‘energizing massage’ at the Six Senses Spa on rue Castiglione next to the Westin Vendôme. It was heavenly. Addah, my masseuse, is a goddess. Not only did she get all of those knots out of my shoulders that have built up over endless hours spent at my computer, but she even gave me exercise and physical therapy tips on how to help my body defend itself. No more tension headaches, tight shoulders and achey lower back for me!

spa entrance

After my massage, she treated me to some hot ginger tea with honey from the Westin’s own honey bee farm on the rooftop. Lucky bees!

spa roomAddah’s tips:

- To improve posture, do 10 sets of 5 push ups with a little pause in between. It strengthens your back, shoulders, and abdominals helping your body stay upright and letting your muscles not cramp up. I love this one because it’s totally doable. Usually when someone tells me to ‘do push ups’ I cringe, but this sounds fun!

- When writing at the computer, keep your shoulders down and jaw relaxed…doing that one now. 

- If running isn’t your thing (it’s NOT mine), then try water biking. Not like in those little water baths we’ve seen popping up around Paris, but in a real sized pool. She says I’ll feel like superwoman in the water and jello when I get out. Perfect. 

- Being Kenyan, Addah told me stories about how she grew up running barefoot and prefers life sans shoes. I told you, she’s like a goddess. I’ll stick to shoes, but she said to be sure they don’t force you to walk differently putting strain on your muscles and causing knots!  Muscle knots are actually caused by folds forming in our muscles due to the muscles having to work in awkward positions. They can be caused by sleeping wrong, tensing up your shoulders, carrying heavy bags, wearing uncomfortable shoes, stress, etc etc. 

Download the Six Senses Spa menu here

Here’s a little write up I did of the Six Senses Spa for LUXOS:

Bamboo has been used in Asia as a massage tool for years, and represents good luck, long life, peace and harmony. Nothing rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit as much as a warm bamboo massage at the Six Senses Spa. Designed to target specific areas of stress in your body, the bamboo massage will bring relief and rejuvenation in its most natural form. The Six Senses Spa is an amazing zen escape in the heart of the 1st arrondissement.