The trends we can be sure to see next Fall Winter according to the creative minds of Paris Fashion are:

1. Lots of leather.  In every shape and size you can imagine- shorts, pants, belts, backpacks, trim and piping

2. Return to glamour. For men next season its all about old glamour- think Mad Men.

3. XL Silhouettes.  Skinny legs no longer reign supreme.  Next season youll be seeing much more of the wide leg and loosely cut silhouettes than ever before.

4. Red.  Color palettes are still, of course, rooted in the neutral zone(camel, grey, black), but luckily pops of red and orange came up everywhere.  Some greens, blues, and even burgundies made their way in there too.

5. Combat boots.  The return of the Doc Martin in every color you can imagine.

6. Drawstrings.  On pants, jackets, you name it.  Functional and fashionable.

7. Hats.  They go along so nicely with the old glam styles, especially as seen on the Lanvin runway.

8. Deconstruction.  Mix it up, shake it up, tear it up, torn, worn, upside down and backwards.

9. Sleek Lines. Finished edges that look laser cut, and probably are.


Kris VanAssche


Issey Miyake