Inspired by les jeunes all over Paris sporting uptown headphones (les casques) and Refinery 29’s latest post about the trendy accessory, I am inspired to share my personal favorites…I’m sure this trend is spreading throughout NYC and other urban cities, but here’s my low down on the best of the new headphone phenom from Paris.

1. Personal Favorite and ones I have myself: Urban Ears

These candy-colored headphones not only have great sound, are compatible with iPhones and the latest iPod touches, but they also have an extra headphone jack in one ear so you can share your tunes with a friend! Plus, they’re not so bad on the wallet.  Only 59 euros at Fnac or $65 online!

2. A few steps up we have “Beats by Dre.

Headphones created by Dr. Dre himself with the mantra in mind “people aren’t hearing all the music.”  These casques are top of the line with a built-in, hands free microphone for talking and a sleek, foldable design.  A little steeper cost (179 euros) is worth it for not only stylish but incredible sounding headphones.

3. Last but not least: Panasonic Retro RP-HTX7 Headphones

Not only do they come in popping chartreuse but also sleek black or white.  These headphones look retro without being too poppy.  Although I haven’t tried them myself, I am sure Panasonic’s take on the casque trend is as high in sound quality as it is in style.  Plus, they’re the least expensive of the bunch, only 51 euros online.

So whether you want to ride the metro, your bike, walk or run in style- these casques are it.